Mama's Got a Brand New Job by Janis Powers

Mama’s Got a Brand New Job brings a much needed shot of fun to the challenges of managing a professional career and motherhood.

Meet Maxine Pedersen, the new heroine of contemporary women’s fiction. Patent attorney by day, cocktail enthusiast by night, Maxine uses her intelligence, wit and charm to humanize the oftentimes mundane field of law. Her expertise helps win an account with a French perfume company. Her pregnancy almost ruins her career.

Read how Maxine takes on New York’s corporate culture in this story of personal transformation and triumph – and have some fun along the way!



Meet the Author, Janis Powers

Having a baby is the one of the most joyous and disruptive events that a mother will experience in her lifetime. I wrote Mama’s Got a Brand New Job to better prepare women for the impact that motherhood will have on their careers. Hint: until someone invents an app that provides more than 24 hours in a day, life is going to get exponentially more complicated. Read more…

Image of Author Janis Powers