GulagSputnik  Chernobyl Frap Gibson Calvados SpritzerLI Sangria


Maxine Pedersen’s appreciation of libations goes beyond just enjoying a drink at a bar with friends. She’s an amateur mixologist and a fine spirits connoisseur. Vodka is her preferred choice; it’s “more versatile” than most other options.

Maxine actually creates a handful of cocktails that are featured in Mama’s Got a Brand New Job. Each of the images are mentioned in the book. The recipes have been provided so you can experience a little bit of Maxine Pedersen’s after-hours hobby for yourself.

Maybe a Gulag is what you need after a tough work week; that was Maxine’s inspiration for designing it. Or for a summer party, try a pitcher of Long Island Sangria. Maxine developed that delicious concoction for her husband’s boss’s wife’s fundraiser!

Enjoy – and of course, drink responsibly!

Photographs by Erin Peloquin